BlueHood User's Guide

Please refer this guide to use BlueHood more safely.
But, this doesn't regulate your Twitter rules.


BlueHood is now underdevelopng, so has no warranty.

BlueHood とは?

BlueHood は、Twitter のイメージをつなげるコミュニティです。
Twitter をベースとして、BlueHood のコミュニティが構成されています。
BlueHood からツイートする画像 (イメージ) は、自動認識によってコミュニティに登録されます。
たとえば、ネコの画像をツイートしようとすると、AI による画像認識によって「Cat」コミュニティに登録されるかもしれません。

Twitter の世界に、もっと「イメージのつながり」を作りましょう!

Enviroment Requirements

Chrome browser is recommended to access from PC, tablet, and smartphone.
This site shows Wii U version pages for PC, and 3DS version pages for smartphone.
When posts a drawing from 3DS, you'll use GameNotes application.


BlueHood, a service through Twitter

BlueHood is made up of some communities, and they are made up of tweets.
So, your posts from BlueHood are released on Twitter.
And tweets are released on internet.
You may think your posts are released on only BlueHood, but your posts are shown to everyone.

Follow Twitter rules

To use BlueHood, you need to follow Twitter rules.
They mention also harassments and personal informations.
For more information, please refer Twitter rules.

Report violations to Twitter

BlueHood doesn't have rights and responsibilities of tweets.
And this guide doesn't regulate your Twitter rules.
When you encounter a violation, please check with Twitter rules, and Report to Twitter.

本 Web サイト中の製品名は、各社の商標です。